Churches are updating their schedules in these changing circumstances.

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About St John Fisher

St John Fisher Catholic Parish is a lively church which is 75 years old and seeks to witness the Gospel to the people of Shepperton and beyond. As you will see from the website we have a vibrant approach to parish life. “Prayer, Partnership, Pilgrimage, and  Panto” sums up what this parish is all about.

Prayer -  each day our parish brings the needs of Shepperton and the world to Mass. Holy Mass is at the centre of our parish life.

Partnership -  St John Fisher community endeavours to support our housebound and sick - with access to the Eucharist, regular visits, and where possible, lifts to church. This year we have undertaken a desire to provide particular support to CAFOD and its work with developing communities.

Pilgrimage -  – St John Fisher parishioners are at the organisational centre of the yearly Westminster Diocese Pilgrimage to Lourdes. As a result, we see ourselves as a pilgrim people, caring for each other.

Panto -  Every year the youth group of the parish plan and perform a unique Pantomime to entertain parishioners and to raise money to support their annual Pilgrimage to Lourdes.
Stay a minute, enjoy our website, and please pray for our parish.

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