Welcoming you back - UPDATE

We open 15 minutes before Mass

· Please observe the one way system and leave by the car park exit

 · The seating is limited - it’s first come first served

 · Please only sit in a space where there is a tick 

 · Use seats in the middle of the bench first, this prevents blocking a row

 · Families who live together can sit on any unoccupied bench

 · Pick up a Newsletter for more information 




Click on the following links for:

  Parish Newsletter 

  Masses currently celebrated from home

  Westminster Virtual Pilgrimage to Lourdes 

   Organ Donation: A brief guide for Catholics

  Free Resources for SJF Parishioners 

  Resourcing the lockdown - Diocese of Westminster


Your support matters more now than ever, particularly as the income from our Hall bookings stopped abruptly due to the lockdown.

There are various ways to contribute to the parish.

If you do online banking, the quickest and most direct way to donate is with a bank transfer. If you can, please also consider a monthly gift by Standing Order. Our account details and gift aid information are in the link: https://parish.rcdow.org.uk/Shepperton/donate

This page offers various ways to help us to keep on paying our bills.  You can also donate using Virgin Giving below.

Many thanks for  your help

About St John Fisher

St John Fisher Catholic Parish is a lively church which is 75 years old and seeks to witness the Gospel to the people of Shepperton and beyond. As you will see from the website we have a vibrant approach to parish life. “Prayer, Partnership, Pilgrimage, and  Panto” sums up what this parish is all about.

Prayer -  each day our parish brings the needs of Shepperton and the world to Mass. Holy Mass is at the centre of our parish life.

Partnership -  St John Fisher community endeavours to support our housebound and sick - with access to the Eucharist, regular visits, and where possible, lifts to church. This year we have undertaken a desire to provide particular support to CAFOD and its work with developing communities.

Pilgrimage -  – St John Fisher parishioners are at the organisational centre of the yearly Westminster Diocese Pilgrimage to Lourdes. As a result, we see ourselves as a pilgrim people, caring for each other.

Panto -  Every year the youth group of the parish plan and perform a unique Pantomime to entertain parishioners and to raise money to support their annual Pilgrimage to Lourdes.
Stay a minute, enjoy our website, and please pray for our parish.

 Parish Registration Form 
Note: Registration form- Please print it and hand the completed form to  Father Shaun.